Pirchei Day Camp was established with the goal and mission of providing a wholesome and out-of-this-world fun camping experience in a Torah environment. Whether learning with experienced Rebbeim or having an awesome time with our counselors and head staff, the boys at PDC spend their summer building confidence and self-esteem with role-models they can relate to.

We aim to provide a non-pressured, accepting and loving environment that brings out the best in every child.

At Pirchei Day Camp, we pride ourselves on providing a summer experience that our campers will never forget. The quality of our program is second to none and each of our campers receive personalized attention from experienced Rebbeim, counselors and activity specialists. In everything we do, we emphasize having fun, building self-confidence, and developing Middos through teamwork…that’s what camp is all about!

Pirchei of Atlanta does not discriminate against any camper, counselor, or other staff members based on race, creed, color, or religion. Pirchei welcomes applicants from any and all backgrounds.